I have a fsco 5600 plus and i can access the code menu where you can type in the codes manually, the problem is when ever i find keys some have 3 some have 4,6,8,12 etc. Ill show you what I mean with this example of how the code menu looks for entering keys.

Key Number-------------------------Key-------------------------------------
01---------------------67 DE 78 EF F3 A9 BB CD-----------------------
04---------------------AD 67 13 F7 EB FF C4 55------------------------
08---------------------CC 86 61 D9 AE 88 B2 22-----------------------

And when I have find a key for tps for example it has 8 keys and i dont now which ones to put in as I can only put in three keys. If anyone has a fsco 5600 plus or nows which keys to put in or has a good link for a fsco 5600 plus I will be grateful for and suggestions and information.

Thank You.