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    Cardservproxy changelog:

    0.9.1 - RC2 (see README.0.9.0.txt for conceptual changes and tips)

    - Fixed: Handling for unknown sid (0 or a dummy sid listed in dummy-services) was broken in 0.9.0.
    - Fixed: Incoming requests for dummy sids should not retain the dummy when forwarded, now changed to 0.
    - Fixed: Per profile max-cw-wait could not be set below 1s (now both per profile and global allow down to 100 ms).
    NOTE: While it may now be possible to configure such low values, whether it works or not below 1s is still undefined.
    - Fixed: Probing was sometimes attempted even when there was only one candidate connector.
    - Fixed: Radegast support updated to make sense with 0.9.x.
    - Fixed: Emm handling for extended newcamd in systems with signifcant provider-idents.
    - Fixed: Now possible to move messages between profiles from plugins, changes to networkid/caid were previously ignored.
    - Fixed: Per user sid lists provided by custom usermanagers were ignored for multi-context sessions (Csp, ExtNewcamd).
    - Fixed: The default-deny-list wasn't checked for CspConnect connection attempts.
    - Fixed: Closing of old sessions (on new login) wasn't working for ExtNewcamd.
    - Fixed: Debug mode for the "*" pseudo profile (Csp, ExtNewcamd) couldn't be turned off via config (attribute ignored).
    - Changed: Two ecms (or dcw replies) with the same payload data but different dvb table ids (even/0x80 vs odd/0x81) are
    now considered identical by the proxy. Implications unknown.
    - Changed: ClusteredCache transport format now includes meta-data such as ca-id and network-id.
    NOTE: This breaks compatibility with previous versions. If one node has the new format, all nodes must be upgraded.
    The source ip's of any received incompatible updates are listed in the property 'version-mismatch'.
    - Added: Cws event for found service now shown in the status-web (despite the command being called error-log).
    - Added: Experimental sid cache linking feature, allows cache hits based on meta-data like sid rather than ecm payload.
    Links added via the web commands are stored in etc/links.cfg (this file is monitored for changes and autoloaded also).
    - Added: More sanity checks to DcwFilterPlugin (checksums, length and an option to monitor all replies for duplicates).
    - Added: DreamboxPlugin (csp-agent) support for more/older dm500 images.
    - Added: proxy-reference.html updated with highlighting for important elements and additional examples.

    - Changes to proxy.xml:
    Added: Attribute 'enable-service-linking' to <cache-handler> (true/false, default: false). Enables sid cache linker.
    Added: Attribute 'allow-different-ip' to <user-manager>, allows newcamd connections from different ip sources
    for the same user.

    - Changes to the http/xml api:
    Added: Attribute 'filtered-by' to <ecm> (transaction logs). Contains the reason for a B flag, or the filtering plugin.
    Added: New event type 9 - "found service" added to connector events output (error-log, yes - not really an error).
    Added: New ctrl command 'set-connector-metric', allows changing individual connector metrics without config reload.
    Added: New ctrl command 'set-au-user', forces a specified user to au status for a connector (kicking existing sessions)
    Added: Attributes 'reset-services', 'blocked-services', 'allowed-services' to <profile> (ca-profiles output). Shows
    the currently configured lists resolved with service names (but only if they're shorter than 25 entries).
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