Wedding TV Italia tests on 13E

* 2010-11-02 4:23:54 p.m. / Raphael Olchowik
* Modified: 2010-11-02 5:20:17 p.m.
* Source: Inf

Channel with the wedding and wedding events Wedding TV, expanding its reach to Italy. On November 2 on Hot Bird 9 (13E) was launched FTA issue of the Italian version of the test station. Wedding TV (Italia) with a regular program will start November 8. Programs station in its entirety will be available in Italian, but will also be able to choose the original soundtrack. There is a lack of information about a possible transfer encoding in the future.

Wedding TV is aimed at women between the 18th and 34th years of age. Channel is dedicated to partner relationships, romantic movies and weddings. On-air programs are presented showing all stages of the relationship, from their first date after the betrothal and marriage, as well as fashion, stars of the screen and travel. Viewers have a chance to see how weddings are held in various parts of the world, to hear expert advice and learn where to go on a dream honeymoon.

Transfer to Italian English to implement the operator Arqiva, including the capacity to use RRSat. This does not preclude the coding of the station for the Italian Sky Italia.


Hot Bird 9 (13E)
tp. 6 (11.319 GHz, pol. V, SR 27500, FEC: 3 / 4; DVB-S/QPSK)

ID: WeddingTV Italia
V PID: 1001
PID: 1201 (in Italian), 1301 (originally)
PCR PID: 1001
SID: 17601
PMT PID: 101
Encoding: none

Wedding TV is received, among others in Great Britain, Russia, Romania, Turkey and Poland. Polish viewers the station is offered by the platform Cyfrowy Polsat and selected cable networks.