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Thread: UFS910 enigma2 Devil's Image

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    UFS910 enigma2 Devil's Image

    UFS910 enigma2 Devil's Image

    Enigma2 OpenSource Project SH4 Duckbox GIT-1234 PTS-581 mod SVN Devil's Image

    Image is designed to be installed on the flash drive or hard disk SATA

    Added by sh4 Duckbox Team:

    - Stability improvments
    - Update source is the enigma 05-10-2010

    Added by the PTS:

    - POINT Install Manager v1.0.2
    - PTS Disk Manager
    - POINT Emu Manager v0.9.9
    - PKT Mount Manager v0.7.4
    - New panel Blue PTS
    - Media Center @ Main Menu
    - My Tube mod PKT @ Main Menu
    - A new PTS InfoCenter
    - VCR Scart @ Menu-> Setup
    - Updated picony
    - New list of channels 2010-10-30
    - Update web radio station
    - A new PTS Basic HD by default skin
    - Bp-> Settings-> System Tool SpeedUp pts

    NOTE: The SpeedUp System Tool is designed to improve productivity enigma that was used just once after installing the Image or after configuring all the options.

    Polish Khati Team


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    Re: UFS910 enigma2 Devil's Image

    How can I install it directly to flash, without Barry Allen? thx

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