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Thread: Cw dongle instructions and pics

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    Arrow Cw dongle instructions and pics

    I made this a long time ago made by me
    you need this dongle

    then you need to load the dongle bin that is here on the site for what model you have.

    700 800

    Now you simply plug load your dongle bin... and plug your dongle in the usb and connect to a router with internet.

    Scan you sats and leave auto roll ON and F1 000 patch on and F1 555 enable cardshare ecm

    then simply hit INFO + 1 at the same time.

    its sorta tricky. Then you will see this.

    You then simply put all your info in.

    NOW VERY IMPORTANT where it says SERVER TYPE NewCS when its selected
    HIT OK over it and you will see this.

    once you see this now you are doing very well.

    put it on a channel like HBO and in a few seconds you have TV.

    then you can do the server info

    INFO + 0 = Server Status Display


    INFO + 2 = youre IP STATUS

    Then simply Enjoy TV.

    no need to use a PC connected to your NULL and use RSSP.exe anymore

    simply use the dongle.

    I have my Captive works 800 PVR working very very nicely this way....
    also the dongle will work on a PC as a NIC card

    i think its more easy this way.

    Hope this helps.
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