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Thread: CW-800 How to change the background image

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    Arrow CW-800 How to change the background image

    You can change the background image that is displayed when your in the menu or radio screens.

    How to load custom background images on the CW-800.

    First some ground rules for loading the image

    1.Your pic cant be any larger than 720Wx480H

    2.Your pic has to be in a JPEG format and

    3.Your image can not be any more than 64kb's.

    Now start the loader.

    Change the loader to read "Download logo 1" and browse over to the folder that your image is in.

    Once you get to the folder. change the "Files of type" to "JPEG" and find your image.

    Load the file just like you would load any other file.Its a pretty quick upload.

    Now go back into the menu and chose "System settings" then "OSD" then "Background" and finally "User logo".

    That should change the image to the image you just uploaded.

    You may get an error that you cant open this file "m2vence.dll".

    If you do...get the file here:

    Extract the file to the location of your choice.

    Right click on the file and copy the file.

    With the loader closed,Right click on the loader icon and paste the file to the loader.

    The loader will now open on its own and your good to try again to open the file.

    If the loader still wont work then do this....

    Open Windows Explorer and go to the "Windows" file.
    Scroll down to the "System 32" file and paste the file to that folder.
    Now open the loader and try agin.It will work now.

    I have included both the file and a test image.
    Right click on the pic and save to the location of your choice.

    Happy testing,
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