How to Blin Scan Vertical CW's Best Signal


1. First delete all but one Transponder, leave the (first Transponder) for each sats

2. How to delete Transponder, press menu, Installation,

3. Arrow down to Edit Transponder hit ok,

4. Then with remote arrow right to delete, and go to last Transponder by arrow up

5. Hit ok a screen will pop up and say yes to delete, Remember to leave the (first Transponder) each sats you use

6. Now after you delete all but the (first Transponder) for each sats you use

7. Now you have all (but frist Transponder deleted) exit out one time go to Antenna Setting press ok

8. Now at Satellite press ok and go to the sat you want to blind scan

9. Now press yellow button blind scan wait and see all Verical Transponder and press exit after the last Vertical and if you have a Horizonal, delete it

Then hit exit and do the same as above for ever satellites you use

10.Now you can blind scan or auto scan