how to set up your captiveworks ultima
one you have your captiveworks ultima all hooked up it sets up just like the 700 and 800. i did notice that i loaded the latest bin that when i scanned echo 110 that it has good signal and good quality and once scan was started it would loose all signal and quality so to fix this i loaded each bin from the very firs bin all the way to the latest bin and after that it would scan and not loose the signal or quality. be sure you press f1 000 and enable patch.
here is how to load your bin to the cw ultima

1 - Download/Unzip files. transfer files onto USB stick then plug it into the box. You should see a message that says
USB ready
2 - Now press the USB button on remote, highlight the files that you want to use, hit OK to load it. Now you will
see this message Do you want to update software/database?¯ Hit YES¯
3 After its done, it will ask you Do you want to reboot your receiver?¯ Hit YES
How to setup your dish setting and Scan
1 Menu, Installation, Antenna setting
2 Select your Satellites
3 Change your LNB type, Diseqc Switch to match with all your hardwares
4 On the bottom screen, there are four options: Auto, Network, Blindscan and Transponder scan. Select one of
these option to scan it.
Final Step before you enjoy your new receiver:
After it's done with all the scanning, press Exit out of the Menu. Now Press F1 000 on the remote control to enable
patch. You should see message on TV that say PATCH ENABLED. Now just wait for the keys to roll and watch TV.
That it and enjoy your new receiver

now here is how to play your games that come with you cw ultima

insert you flash drive that came in the box with your ultima as it has some games preloaded on the flash drive..
1 on remote control press menu
2 go to games
3 highlight games
4 then highlight the game you want to play