CW650 classic S/W Upgrade Guide

Tools Need to update your receiver CW650 classic Receiver:

1- Null Modem Cable
2- get the Newest BIN from the download section of the forum, Make sure it is for Premium model.
3- Loading Software "Loader v1.02

Create a folder on you PCs desktop name "CW_650" using Winzip or Winrar unziping program to unzip all files to "CW_650" folder.

1) Connect your PC and receiver with twisted RS-232C Null modem cable.

2) Power off the receiver from the back switch.

3) You can load BIN file using two methods “boot” Mod and "Standby" Mod. If you want to load the software using "Standby" Mod go to #4.
Here how you get into “boot”MOD:
Hold power button on the front of the receiver and turn the power ON from the back of the receiver. You will see a word “boot” on the front LCD screen of the receiver.

4) Turn receiver Off from the back and then ON the receiver; you will see 00:00 now press "POWER" key on front of the receiver panel to make it standby, the LED dot will display “- - : - -“.

5) Start LoaderV1.02 check if the right COM port is selected then select
<Download Main S/W>, press <Open> and select the latest BIN file for 600Perminum then click <Start>, upgrade will begin.

6) After finishing, the receiver LED will display "-End"
If your experience any problem during the upgrade start over again.

Here is a guide to Scan your Satellites
Connect your sat cable to your receiver and hook up your receiver to your TV set. You can scan Single or Multiple satellites for channels at the same time.
Single Satellite search can be done by going to:
Main Menu -> Installation -> Antenna Setup -> Select the satellite you want to scan for channels and press “Red” key on your remote
Here are typical Configuration settings for a DSS LNB

Antenna Setting

Satellite name 22 Echostar 6,8 (110W)
Transponder 12224 / V / 20000 / 5 / 6
LNB Freq 11250
LNB Type Normal
22 KHz Off
Diseqc Number LNB1
Legacy SW Off
Motorized System None

You can use “Legacy switch” by changing it to “SW21 Dish1” and changing Diseqc Number back to NONE.
-After you have done changing the configuration according to your setup press “RED” key on you remote. It will start scanning all of the channels for that particular satellite.
-You can also access Blind Scan feature from the same screen by pressing “Yellow” key from your remote.
-If you want to scan only one transponder then press “Blue” key from your remote.

Multiple Satellites Scan
You can scan maximum 4 satellites at a same time using easy tuning feature available in New OSD
Main Menu -> Installation -> Easy Tuning
Here is a typical setup for multiple satellites using Easy Tuning feature:

Status Satellite name Diseqc LNB Freq

OnEcho 3LNB1 11250
On Echo 6,8LNB2 11250
OnEcho 7LNB3 11250
OnNimiq 1,3LNB4 11250

To go from Status to Satellite name scroll down until you see Satellite name field get highlighted then use right/Left key to change satellite you want scan; now scroll down again until you get to Diseqc switch setting change it to whatever your switch setting; scroll down to LNB Frequency setting and change it to appropriate frequency.

After you have finished configuring all Satellites press OK key using right or left press “Fast Tuning” or “Auto Tuning” system will start scanning all of the satellites one by one.

Enable the Patch
To watch Scrambled channels you must Enable the patch
Exit all menus, Press F1 key; the LED will display 'H', then press '000'