The Recovery CD image has been released.

New feature in this recovery image:

There is now an option to reset the hard drive without losing recordings or other media. Choosing this option will reset the hard drive to a factory fresh state without having to format the drive.

If you have upgraded to version via the CW-3000HD Updates menu you do not have to use this new iso. The iso is intended for people that want to restore their CW-3000HD to factory default software configuration.

The link below is a 90MB compressed system recovery file containing the entire OS for the CW-3000HD version

Installing this recovery image will format your flash, recreate the file system, and re-install the entire OS.

If you have installed a storage device, you have the option of retaining it with all recordings and other media or you may start over fresh and reinstall the hard drive.

Here is how to install the recovery CD:

1) Download the file CW3000HD Recovery Image
2) Unzip the file to get cw3000-recovery- and burn it to a CD with your favorite CD burning software.
a) We recommend using burnatonce software to create the Restore CD. Instructions are at the end of this post.
b) Burning an ISO is not the same as burning a data CD. If you are not using burnatonce, you need to specifically use the Image Burn method in your software.

3) Once you have a CD with this image on it, insert the CD into the DVD drive of the CW-3000HD.
4) Connect a computer keyboard.
5) Press the Power Button
6) When the initial splash screen appears (that is the one with the press TAB line at the bottom) press the F8 button(rev 1) or F11 button(rev 2) on your keyboard. The bottom line will change to "Entering Boot Menu".
7) When the boot menu displays, use the up/down arrow keys on your keyboard to select the DVD drive. It will be listed under a CDROM heading. Press enter after selecting the DVD drive.
8) The system will boot and you will see text scrolling up the screen. finally, you will see a selection menu on the screen.
9) Type 1 for a complete system restore. Type 2 to restore a system with a hard drive. Type 3 to check a hard drive for errors. Type 4 to reboot with out restoring. Press Enter.
10) The installation file is large. Do not interrupt this process. The system will reboot after a few minutes.
11) Make sure one TV cable is connected to the CW-3000HD.
12) The system will reboot one more time.
13) The main menu screen will appear. You will need to reconfigure your system. Make sure you enable or disable adapters accordingly if you do not have satellite connections to all tuner. Pay attention to the type of connection/resolution selected. Make sure it matches your TV.
14) Continue on to admin and continue configuring your system.

Instructions for using "burnatonce" software to create the restore CD:
NOTE: Information contributed originally by MotleyFool
Burnatonce is free for non-comercial use. It is a small 3.8 MB download that is designed for burning disk images. You can download the install package here: BurnAtOnce

Once downloaded, install the application. The default installation associates .iso files with burnatonce so all you need to do is double click on the .iso file to bring up Burnatonce ready to burn that iso image. Click on the write button and you get the image burned without having to worry about the difference between a data CD and a image CD. This may be a simpler way of properly burning the recovery image without having to learn the intricacies of the more feature packed CD burning packages.