NewLink Setup Guide For SV 4000, 360's and 8000hd Models

Items Needed:
Sonicview8000, or Sonicview360 Elite, or Sonicview360 Premier, or Sonicview4000
USB Drive (Thumb Drive)
Category 5 Cable
Internet connection

Step 1: Download Zipped NewLink (use the correct file for your receiver) file to your desktop.
Step 2: Unzip the file putting the NewLink file on your desktop.
Step 3: Load NewLink file to your receiver. (S/W Upload)
Step 4: After the NewLink file is loaded to the receiver and reboots on its own, shut off the Sonicview receiver from the back.
Step 5: Connect Cat 5 cable to NewLink
Step 6: Connect NewLink to the Receiver at the serial port.
Step 7: Turn on the Sonicview receiver from the back..
You are Done ! Enjoy !