Hub Setup Guide/What to do if your iHub is not recognized

I tried everything, sysclean file, factory ROM and then loading the 239, 240 bins, turning the receiver off and/on disconnecting and reconnecting the iHub for hours, but it never got recognized nor did I get ipconfig.

The only way to fix it is to do these steps:

1.) Update your iHub to version 1.4 (this works even if your iHub is not recognized).

Run WIZNet and click "Search", it will show you the IP of the iHub, mine was "", the problem is that my network uses "192.168.1.*" which means you can't update it.

*The trick is to set a static IP on your computer, set one for your local network, and another like "".
Find what IP address your computer currently has, and what the default gateway and subnet mask are.

For example my current computer's IP is:
Subnet Mask:

You find this info by checking Properties under your network connections.
Remember your current IP info/write it in notepad.

Now go to the TCP/IP -> Properties of your network connection. Instead of "DHCP" choose static and set the above info.

Then inside TCP/IP Properties click "Advanced":
Click Add Under "IP Addresses":
Enter IP:

If you've followed this right, you will now be able to update to 1.4 through Wiznet. This example is done through XP, but can be done on any OS including Mac OS, Vista etc..

2.) Then update like all other guides describe.

3.) Load bin 245

4.) Finally your iHub will be recognized.

I hope this helps someone as I struggled for hours with this :)

Added info:

Basically you need to assign yourself a normal network IP address.
Then assign in addition, that will allow you to update the iHub to 1.4 and will get it recognized.

Additional added info:

I'm using vista and didn't see a option to add a IP so I switched it from automatic after writing down my computer IP info, and manually entered in the IPV4 IP address My iHUB had corrupted to a static IP ver 82.
Did a search with wiznet, then uploaded 1.4 with no issue. The IP config then showed in the SV menu without the need to factory bin or reset, new bin.
Changed the setting from static to DHCP, DNS=Yes clicked OK / apply, and all is well.
The iHUB is built like a tank. There should be no reports of dead iHUBs.