Came across this information concerning the ihub and Dial-Up Service...

Something for you to consider but I have not verified.

Credit is given to the FTA user and his knowledge who posted this information....

Yes to Using dial up

I have been using dial up this how to. First thing you must set up Internet connection sharing from your computer.

Click start menu, click on connect to, right click on dial up icon look for Properties. Left click on properties then left click on advanced tab on top. You will now see:
1- fire wall settings
2- Internet connection sharing Box, check THIS BOX( Then make sure box allow other users network users) is CHECKED

At bottom of page left click on Network setup wizard. you will now see a pop up for the the wizard. in the wizard click next, click next again. (If not connected to dial up at this time check box ,ignore disconnected network).

You will now see a local connection icon in window, Then click next.
In the pop up window you will see 3 choices ( this very important) Only check this computer connects to internet.

Then click next,next pop up you can name what you want .click next,Same in next pop up then click next, I like to to check turn off file and printer-sharing then click next,next pop click next,THEN WIZARD WILL RUN AFTER WIZARD FINISHES YOU WILL HAVE 4 CHOICES, check bottom only box (JUST FINISH Wizard). Then click next,Then Click Finished.

OK Your Internet sharing is set now a few other things .

1-Your Fire wall must be turn off when using Internet sharing.
2- you will need a cat 5 crossover cable to run from computer to dongle.
3- You could also use a hub with cat 6 wire if you do you need to hook up hub with connections in port 1 and port 3 on the hub.

Few other tips
Connect to Internet, then turn on sat receiver, you will have to do by trail and error . But remember this works both ways though crossover and by a hub.

I also did this on Bev because I know all channels are on N3 , so I knew i was connected to iks network.