First setup a static IP on the Image you have now.

Menu-Setup-System-Network-adapter settings.

Power down the solo and connect a Null modem cable and a Ethernet cable.

1. Start the VTI Util
2. Select you comport from the dropdown menu.
3. Now click on the connect button. You should see a Message Serial port open success. At this point power up the solo
4. You will now see the progress bar move and the message will come up setup IP. Enter your PCs IP in the Local IP box and your Solo static IP in the remote IP box. Then press the setup IP button. You should see it report success.
5. Next click on the open button and select you solos image in nfi format.
6. Press the flash button. After a couple of mins your image will be flashed reboot your solo.

tanks Ferret and Joedenoble