Dreambox Control Center E2 v1.20 (only for Enigma2)

Actually was a bit more planned, but I am currently very time-intensive projects, and thus initially had only limited opportunities to work at the DCC. But until I return in 2-3 months had a little more time (God willing), this update should be sufficient time to bridge a bit.

What is new compared to the beta version:

Various bugfixes:
- Reboot the flash image on the BA Boot Manager should work now
- Length Limitation in title / subtitles of corrected Recordings

Autoconfig reviewed:
- Detection HDD mountpoint
- Adaptation of the recording path

Live TV Addon (Experimental) Added:
Live TV is a streaming addon to play the TV screen over the network on the PC, including remote control and EPG. Also recordings can be played ...

System requirements for live TV:

- Only for Enigma2.
- Must be in the DCC-E2 directory (using the configuration).
- Installed VLC Version 0.9.8

WARNING: must be compatible with VLC ActiveX plugin installed!