Swisscom adds 126,000 new IPTV customers
By Robert Briel
Published: November 9, 2010 22.41 Europe/London

Swisscom has said it added 126,000 new IPTV customers during the first nine months of the year. The number of Swisscom TV customers almost doubled in the space of a year to 358,000 at the end of September 2010.

The trend towards bundled offerings and new price models such as flat-rate tariffs continued in the Switzerland. 157,000 customers have signed up for the Casa Trio bundled offering, which combines fixed-line telephony, internet and TV. Swisscom had 1,553,000 broadband customers in the country.

The company also announced that with immediate effect, Alberto Calcagno will take over as general manager of Swisscom’s Italian subsidiary Fastweb. He has been COO for around three years.

Calcagno will replace Carsten Schloter, who has held the position ad interim. Fastweb has 1,712,000 broadband customers, but no figures were released about the number of IPTV subs.

Schloter will continue to serve as chairman and delegate to the board of directors of Fastweb and will focus his attention again on his core tasks as CEO of Swisscom.