DISH Network rolls out Google TV for $179
By Robert Briel
Published: November 11, 2010 08.40 Europe/London

DISH Network has announced that its Google TV solution is now available to customers for $179 (EUR 130). The service combines search capabilities and the variety of content on the Web with DISH Network’s onscreen programming data, PVR and VOD content.

“Only DISH Network customers will have access to the most fully-featured Google TV experience available, which includes our unique pairing protocol for simultaneous search capabilities across Web and PVR content, as well as DISH Network’s VOD programming,” said DISH Network Chief Marketing Officer Ira Bahr, in a statement. “Customers can now surf the Web, check email, interact with social media, and find additional online television content all from the comfort of their living room sofa.”

“Google TV makes the Web another channel on your TV by bringing the Internet together with the TV programming you know and love,” said Rishi Chandra, lead product manager for Google TV. “We’re excited to work with DISH Network to bring an enhanced Google TV experience to its subscribers so they can find even more content to watch – whether on their PVR, TV or the Web.”

DISH Network’s Google TV solution, which requires a PVR integration service of $4 (EUR 2.90) per month, includes the Logitech Revue with Google TV, a small set-top box available for a special price of $179, compared with the recommended retail price of $299 (EUR 217).

DISH Network also makes its Google TV experience available to customers who purchase a Logitech Revue or Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV from retail outlets.