Enigma2: Release 3.0
Machine: Dreambox dm7025
Date: 20101111
Issuer: Dream Multimedia
MD5: 15097a77201cd2aa496e2b7b8c4a09f0
System-Environment (Release 2.8.4 -> Release 3.0.0)
Opendreambox 1.5 -> Opendreambox 1.6
better hotplug support (enable read/write access to automounts)
faster startup from deep standby
better enigma2 performance

enigma2 (20100628 rel28 -> 2010111 rel30)
introduced support for unicable switches and lnbs
add possibility to change the default recording filename
add possibility to configure input device delay and repeat settings (i.e. remote control and keyboard)
ignore mute/volume keypresses in standby
fixed invisible mute symbol after tuxtxt close
fix frequently ineffective timeshift/record stop
handle keyboard entries in wizard correctly
some improvements in skin engine
add possibility to change the behavior of a short power button press via usage config
add possibility to change the composition of recording filenames via usage config
fixed a timer sanity check bug

add possibility to show a progress bar per service event in the channel selection (see usage config)
update default favouritelist and servicelist

fixed invisible lock symbol in parental control edit lists
fixed some parental control problems

fixed broken SRT subtitles
properly add timers from inside the movie player
add support for rtp/rtsp playback (e.g. used by ZDF Mediathek plug-in)

moved subtitle selection to audio track selection menu

general translation updates and fixes
fixed arabic support (inversed order of rows)

ask to overwrite configuration files during upgrade
add configuration screen on menu button
show files that will be backed up inside own info screen
better offline plug-in management

MyTube: fix possible crash while decoding thumbnails
MyTube: fix video playback and search suggestions
DVDBurn: fix order and correct association of languages and audio stream files and set a limit of 8

drivers (20100628 -> 20101111)
add support for new DVB-C/-T tuner module
add support for new DVB-S2 tuner module
slightly better demux performance