I have a very good free server and am looking for more peers with good Hop 1s to build up my providers.

My genuine TnK Poland Local is attached and I have

* BiS 19e/5w (Via3)
* Kabel Deutschland 23e (N2)
* Rai Italia 13e (S1)
* VIASAT 5e Nordic National Channels
* TV Globo 13e (N2)
* Mezzo BE

emulated and installed as local lines.

The server stats are now:

Local: 1 | Emulated Locals: 6 | H1: 40+ | H2:400+

The server is on a 10GPBS connection in a hosted datacentre in Central Europe with 24/7/365 availability. Most of the major European packages are open.

* Looking for any peers with a number of resharable hop 1s located in Europe with a good ping <80-90ms.
* PLEASE 24/7 peers only
* DON'T reply with stolen C Lines! I have been around long enough to spot them a mile off, and I will ignore your mail
* To keep a clean server I delete lines if your server is unstable, you are offline for more than 48 hrs or you leech when your server is offline.
* I marry C-Line to F-Line using your IP to prevent C-Line theft - so your server and client need to originate from the same IP.

** At least 1 reshare is a necessity as this is a server only. **

Please PM me with ACTIVE C lines ONLY if interested. I check lines before sending out my C Line.

Happy sharing