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Thread: Paris BKP QBoxHD Stone 1.0.4 12-11-2010

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    Paris BKP QBoxHD Stone 1.0.4 12-11-2010

    Paris BKP QBoxHD Stone 1.0.4 12-11-2010

    Image Stone 1.0.4 Ready - HotBird 13E and Astra 19.2E with full support Greek Laguage, menu, EPG etc [Full version function.]

    R@d@r 4.20
    O$c@m 3850
    $oftC@m P@nel 2.1.0
    For most Greeks and beyond. With Greek menu, EPG, etc. Anyone who wants can add their own Provider by changing or adding to the Caid Provider.
    * There are full all the EMU.! And full support "OSc @ m" with all the files ready. Anyone who deems it necessary and adds his own string depending on supply.
    * The "OSc@ m" is the 3850 edition. (I think it is better than 3844)
    - If your friend boubaris deal and make some adjustments and operation of Led, probably the best so far.
    The image fully supports the Greek language. So we have Greek menus and EPG. Prepare them for the Duolabs which will incorporate into next release Stone.
    - Here have and Greek people but is good for the Italians and others, with only small changes.
    * Support card pay by service provider and sharing with OSc@ m and Ccc@ m, changing from osc@ m.s$rv$r the ccc_remOte from 0 to enable = 1. (Is better than ftp.)
    * If necessary, change location to a satellite. Now is HotBird 13E and Astra 19.2E DiSEqC position with 2-4.
    * Also all Picon OSD and Picon LCD needed selected very well.
    * Skins installed: LT6HD, DMConcinnity-HD, YADS_HD. (Thanks: boubaris, arthur, SSJO)
    * All useful Plugins installed, anyone who wants can download the Add Ons anything. There are all "s $ rvers" available in the image.

    For any questions, post, pm, email.

    Note: If the card needs to open EMM use mgc@md-newc$ and when activated you can then use whatever you want EMU.

    Note2: If you have a problem with Irdeto card please delete chid ID or put your own, from "O$c@ m.s$rv$r" perhaps and from oscam_slot_configurations.xml. I do not propose to load the xml in ccc_reader. Only from O$c@ m.s$rv$r, enable = 1 or 0 in EMU "ccc@ m" but from Ftp. It is more certain.

    I hope you enjoy.


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    Paris BKP QBoxHD Stone 1.0.7_1 30.12.10

    paris-qboxhd_v1.0.7_1 [ GREECE VERSION and beyond ] 30.12.10

    Transferred to root. Sorry

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