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    Mulitboot Option on Cuberevo boxes

    Cuberevo Series Multiboot Config file

    If you want to install a multi-boot image -download the attached usb_config.img.

    Install your DGS based image (Sifteam, NLB, etc) into flash using flashtools program

    Install this program using flashtools after installing your DGS based image (not E2 or E1)

    Then select & press number on remote control that you want to boot

    Hold finger on selected button on r/c for approx 6 seconds

    Multi-booting options are as follows

    1) boot from cdkroot
    2) boot from USB with hdd
    3) original images
    4) boot from release
    5) boot from USB without hdd
    6) boot from SATA hdd
    7) boot from flash

    Using this program allows you to have E2 on USB stick or HDD & keep DGS image in flash

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