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Thread: Starsat JTAG help Please (SR-X1700D) !!!!!!

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    Exclamation Starsat JTAG help Please (SR-X1700D) !!!!!!

    Please if anyone knows, I need help for the
    STATSAT SR-X1700D.
    I have opened the reciver but i did not see any
    JTAG contact in order to use it. I see only 10 free contacts on the board
    but I am not sure if this is the JTAG.

    I lost the receiver during upgrade procedure
    (I can only see the 'boot' message but nothing else on screen
    and the receiver is dead.

    Do i have to solder something on the board ?
    Does anyone knows what each contat does ?
    do i have to use Jkeys, what version ?

    Any help will be appreciated !!

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    Re: Starsat JTAG help Please (SR-X1700D) !!!!!!

    Iam in the same problem help us please

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