Numricble told to file paperwork on fibre-optic upgrades
By Julian Clover
Published: November 16, 2010 13.39 Europe/London

Numricble is to be required to follow operational procedures drawn up as part of the opening of France Telecom ducts to rival operators. The decision by the communications regulator ARCEP covers a series of operational procedures detailing the upgrade of the ducts to house optical fibre.

Under the French cable rollout scheme plan cable, the cableco had upgraded a portion of its coaxial networks by deploying optical fibre cable using civil engineering ducts owned by France Telecom.

The telco complained that Numricble should abide by the same rules as other companies that have taken advantage of its civil engineering access offer since its regulation in 2008. Numricble had argued the imposition of the terms would be unjustified because they would slow down its ability to upgrade its cable networks.

Numricble has been given two months to implement the procedures.