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Thread: The WebsiteParser V0.5 - RELEASED

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    The WebsiteParser V0.5 - RELEASED

    The WebsiteParser V0.5 - RELEASED


    I have now released the new version of the website parser, in this version you will be able to:

    Display world satellite feeds for sport events
    Display one off satellite feeds for sport events
    Zap to a channel for a satellite fixtutre (if transponder is valid)
    Zap to a channel for a one off satellite feed (if channel reads and decodes on dreambox, this does not work for 4:2:2 feeds).
    Manually scan in channels if it is not already scanned in when wanting to zap
    Position your motorised dish if manual scan shows 0 results
    Football scores, results, fixtures and news
    FIFA RSS feed now included
    Vide Printer
    UK Music charts
    UK HMV charts
    UK Cinema listings

    The supplied screenshots show the new menu layout and also the steps i went through to channel zap to "Sly sports 2" in the UK. As you can see from the screenshots, it works well.

    Many thanks,

    p.s. Sorry for those who tried to update on the afternoon of the 16th November, i was doing some final testing and so the version on there was not final and would have made your box crash. Simply re-download version 0.1 and update, problem is now solved. If you did not try to update on that afternoon then just update as normal via yellow great for me.

    p.s.s. version 0.1 is attached, simply update via yellow button to get V0.5 once V0.1 is installed

    Many thanks,

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