POD HD 2.0.2 for Vuo+Solo (based on the image off 5.4) 17/11/2010

This version uses a new generation of v4l driver, and a new kernel.
Given the magnitude of changes in technology it is not possible
to upgrade from an online POD HD before.

We also fixed the trouble streaming which is included in the official image 5.4

- Latest drivers
- Enigma, enigma enigma plugins and skins dated 11/11/2010
- Satellite transponder file updated (for the hd channels CSAT)

- Fix wrong video size bed / frame rate information
- Upgrade to Linux DVB driver API version 5 (Can Be Used with latest E2)
- Change to use dvb-core dvb-v4l (with Additional patch)
- Color Change LED at standby (solo)
- Support at vTuner solo
- Fix vTuner audio / video sync problem
- Clean up and fix misc. bugs at vTuner driver
- Fix USB transfer problem front and rear When Both ports are in use simultaneously (solo)
- Disable any standby HDMI hotplug

As always, as we regularly update our images,
we strongly advise you to put this image in flash and not to use multiboot