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11:00The Barbarian and the Geisha[SUB HD]
In 1856, the first American Consul to Japan in 1856 overcomes opposition from the Japanese authorities and is eventually permitted into Tokyo, where he falls in love with a geisha who teaches him how to adapt to her country's customs and protects him from harm. John Huston's romantic drama, starring John Wayne, Eiko Ando and Sam JaffeFilm/General Movie/Drama

13:05Sea of Sand[BW]
Allied troops fighting in North Africa in 1943 are redeployed as saboteurs behind enemy lines to blow up Rommel's desert fuel dumps. A clash of personalities between officers initially causes problems, but the military men overcome their differences to work together. Second World War adventure, starring Richard Attenborough, John Gregson, Michael Craig and Vincent BallFilm/Adventure/War

15:00The Band Wagon[SUB HD]
A has-been Hollywood dancer and a temperamental producer join forces to stage a song-and-dance spectacular, the likes of which has never been seen before. Musical comedy, starring Fred Astaire and Jack Buchanan, with Oscar Levant, Cyd Charisse and Nanette Fabray. Featuring musical numbers That's Entertainment and Dancing in the DarkFilm/Musical

17:10The Castle of Cagliostro[SUB]
A globe-trotting gentleman thief pulls off a major robbery - only to discover he has netted a haul of forged money. Furious, he sets out to track down the crook responsible, but ends up battling against a master criminal with a devilish, power-mad plan. Animated adventure from Spirited Away director Hayao Miyazaki, with the voices of Bob Bergen and Michael McConnohieFilm/Animated Movie/Drama

19:15Stormbreaker[SUB AD]
When teenager Alex Rider's uncle is killed, it emerges that he was actually a secret agent, and his reluctant nephew now has the task of completing his last mission - uncovering a criminal mastermind's plan to cause maximum mayhem with a new kind of super-computer. Adventure, based on Anthony Horowitz's novel, starring Alex Pettyfer, Bill Nighy, Mickey Rourke, Alicia Silverstone and Stephen FryFilm/Adventure

21:00Hush[SUB HD]
A motorist travelling by night with his girlfriend nearly crashes into a van on the M1, and as it drives off he sees a badly beaten woman tied up in the back. Stopping at a service station, he panics when his girlfriend disappears and becomes convinced the van driver has abducted her as well. Thriller, starring William Ash, Christine Bottomley and Andreas WisniewskiFilm/Detective/Thriller

22:45Adrift[SUB HD]
A couple and their baby join three of their friends for a yachting trip. During the party, all the adults go swimming, only to realise they have forgotten to put a ladder out, leaving them stranded in the sea with no way of getting back on board. Thriller, starring Eric Dane, Susan May Pratt and Richard Speight JrFilm/Detective/Thriller

00:30King of the Hill[HD]
A man travelling through rural Spain encounters a beautiful stranger in an isolated petrol station. As they continue on their separate ways, the pair have the tyres of their cars shot out and find themselves hunted through dense woodlands by an unseen sniper. Spanish horror, starring Leonardo Sbaraglia, Maria Valverde, Thomas Riordan and Andres JusteFilm/Horror

02:15Domestic Disturbance[SUB HD]
A divorced father becomes convinced there is something fishy about his former wife's new fiance. His suspicions are confirmed when his troubled son relates a terrifying tale of murder, prompting the determined dad to uncover the truth - at any cost. Thriller, starring John Travolta, Vince Vaughn, Teri Polo and Ruben Santiago-HudsonFilm/Detective/Thriller