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Thread: Software ZL_DB_MultiEditor

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    Software ZL_DB_MultiEditor

    Software ZL_DB_MultiEditor

    E 'DB_CCcam_SoftCam_Editor implemented with the evolution of new sections.

    This software is used to perform the following steps:

    1) select and upload files from one of several Script Decoder and display the content on a text window

    1a) to edit the rows and / or data in the script file selected

    1b) Create a new file on the PC selected script file or send the new Script Decoder

    2) select and load one of several from the Decoder configuration files and display the content on a text window

    Second) edit the rows and / or data in the configuration file selected

    2b) on the PC to create a new configuration file or send the selected file to the new decoder

    3) select and load one of several files from the Decoder Keys and display the content on a text window

    3a) Create a new file on your PC or send Keys selected the new file to the Decoder Keys

    4) send to the decoder command lines via the Telnet protocol

    5) display of the prospectuses relating to CCcam used as a share of the decoder between Server and Clients (like CCcam Info).

    The software can work with 5 different decoder or with 5 different settings, each time selecting the corresponding profile of work with the settings to use.

    The communication between the software, the PC and the decoder is done via FTP.

    Connection is via the network cable connected between the LAN port of the decoder and that of the router or the PC.

    The connection can also be done via the Internet as an IP address indicating the full name of the server running on the remote Decoder (server dyndns, no-ip, etc...)

    If this is the first time the software needs to make settings for the FTP communication between the decoder and router or PC.

    More info about are described in the internal or the external one more complete.

    Have fun and greetings from ZL

    Mil gracias a ziolibero

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