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Thread: Save my Settings for Coolstream

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    Save my Settings for Coolstream

    Save my Settings for Coolstream

    I ask you to Save My Settings for Cool Stream is a program for saving and restoring various settings of the Cool Stream Box. The program ensures the selected files via FTP to a local directory on your computer and stores a backup file to restore in XML format. be read to restore this backup file must, then, the saved settings are loaded via FTP back to the Cool Stream Box.

    The program advertises itself so well to save the settings before a change of image (eg for testing, etc.) and restore a little effort again. : Thumbup:

    Currently, image-independent following settings can be saved from the box:

    - Neutrino Einstellungen: neutrino.conf
    - Kanallisten: cables.xml, radio-stations.xml, satellites.xml, bouquets.xml, myservices.xml, services.xml, ubouquets.xml
    - EMU: [mgcamd] AutoRoll.Key, cccamd.list, ignore.list, mg_cfg, newcamd.list, priority.list, replace.list, SoftCam.Key
    - Cardserver: [newcs] newcs.xml, [oscam] oscam.conf, oscam.server, oscam.srvid, oscam.user
    Note: Please note that not all files accessible on the box must be present. The program informs you in this case on the non-downloaded file (s).

    Das Programm ist Windows basierend und erfordert .NET Framework 3.5.

    Thanks matzman2000.
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