Dreambox DM800 HD - news from Dream Multimedia

November 25, 2010,

Dream Multimedia, the leading provider of set-top boxes based on the Linux operating system, introduced the second edition of the DM800 module. The device under the name DM800 HD (Second Edition) will be available in the period before Christmas.

DM800 HD will include several new hardware components that will be able to use the operating system options Enigma 2, which is being developed by Dream Multimedia.

Design a new model based on the receiver receivers DM8000 HD DM500 PVR and HD. New, more colorful OLE display on the front panel and 2 slots for the access card. On the rear panel, users will find two USB 2.0 and HDMI output for lossless transmission of video and audio.

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DM800 HD will be equipped with an Ethernet interface, like all Dreambox receivers. External hard drive can be connected via eSATA.

Dream conducted a number of improvements within the set top box. The device is equipped with a fan. Improved was the tuner for a stable income.

Receiver DM800 HD will be on the market sold for around 499 euros.

Source: Dream Multimedia