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Thread: Wlan Fix AAF OE1.6 V5.4 VU+ Duo

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    Wlan Fix AAF OE1.6 V5.4 VU+ Duo

    Wlan Fix AAF OE1.6 V5.4 VU+ Duo

    You find a " WLAN Fix AAF OE1.6 V5.4"
    in the Addon-Manager:

    AAF-Panel > Addon-Manager > Download Manager > IPK (green button) > WLAN Fix AAF OE1.6 V5.4


    When you have no network connection then you can install the wlan_fix IPK that you can download in the first thread.
    Copy it to /tmp and run it from ipk installer: AAF-Panel > Erweiterungen > tmp IPK installieren

    After install of the fix you need to restart the enigma2.
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