Ethiopia TV Returns to MHz Networks in DC area
November 27th, 2010 - 16:10 UTC by Andy Sennitt. No comments yet
Ethiopian state-run ETV television will return to MHZ Networks in Washington DC metro area beginning December 1, the network announced in a statement. ETV was broadcasting in DC area last April but was later replaced by RT Spanish of Russia Today. Here is the press release by MHz:

Ethiopian TV (ETV) launches on MHz Native in the Washington, DC metro area on December 1. MHz Native airs native language programming blocks on the channel known as MHz Networks 6, one of ten 24/7 channels available locally from MHz Networks.

Viewers can tune into eight continuous hours of programming from ETV at 4 PM ET daily on:

Over the air (OTA) digital broadcast channel 30.6
Comcast 276
Cox 475
RCN 35
Verizon FiOS 452
Dish Network 8084
A channel of Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency, ETV’s mission is to present a competitive and reliable medium of information, promoting development and democratic unity of Ethiopia. The channel provides both educational and entertainment programs.

Frederick Thomas, MHz Networks Chief Executive says, “We’re elated to bring ETV to the vibrant Ethiopian community of the metro area and hope to expand the hours of programming available from the channel in the next few months.”