Discovery will be the Polish 3D

2010-11-26 9:46:27 p.m. / Janusz Sulisz
Last updated: 2010-11-27 3:17:08 p.m.
Source: BBC Biznesu/
Another broadcaster after MTV Networks decided to move its headquarters to Polish. As reported Puls, from London to our country will be a branch of Discovery Communications, responsible for operations in 98 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Simultaneously, the broadcaster announced a greater emphasis on the development of new technologies, including 3DTV.

Together with partners Sony and IMAX, Discovery Communications plans to in the first quarter of 2011 to run Discovery 3D, which was announced in January 2010. One of the first countries after the U.S., which appears on the Discovery 3D will be Poland. This indicates the sender's ambitious approach, which sees the potential in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, putting on Poland as an ideal place for further investment, the creation of ambitious projects and increase the profits of the group.

The Managing Director was Polish manager Cathy Keli, related to Discovery in Poland since 2000, since 2003 Country Manager for Discovery on the region of Central Europe.