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11:00Seance on a Wet Afternoon[SUB BW]
A self-professed medium with a greed for money and publicity arranges the kidnap of a wealthy industrialist's daughter, with the intention of winning acclaim and the ransom when she locates the child using her alleged psychic powers. British psychological thriller, starring Kim Stanley, Richard Attenborough, Mark Eden, Nanette Newman, Gerald Sim and Judith DonnerFilm/Detective/Thriller

13:15The Band Wagon[HD]
A has-been Hollywood dancer and a temperamental producer join forces to stage a song-and-dance spectacular, the likes of which has never been seen before. Musical comedy, starring Fred Astaire and Jack Buchanan, with Oscar Levant, Cyd Charisse and Nanette Fabray. Featuring musical numbers That's Entertainment and Dancing in the DarkFilm/Musical

15:25Across the Wide Missouri[SUB]
An ambitious fur trapper plans to make his fortune in beaver pelts. To do so, he needs a safe passage through lands held by the Blackfoot tribe, so he marries the chief's daughter and together they lead an expedition that takes them deep into the uncharted wilderness. Western adventure, starring Clark Gable, Ricardo Montalban, Maria Elena Marques and John HodiakFilm/Western

17:00Bhowani Junction[SUB]
An Anglo-Indian woman returns to her native land after spending several years in England. As civil strife spreads through the country in the dying days of the Raj, she must decide whether to stay or go, but is torn between her love for a dashing British colonel and a local man. George Cukor's romantic drama based on John Masters' novel, with Ava Gardner, Stewart Granger, Bill Travers and Abraham SofaerFilm/General Movie/Drama

19:05The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising[SUB HD]
A teenager discovers he is the last in a long line of warriors destined to defend the world from dark forces. His duty now is to embark on a perilous journey through time to recover the six parts of a mystical artefact, and ensure the powerful device is returned to safe hands. Fantasy adventure, starring Alexander Ludwig, Christopher Eccleston and Ian McShaneFilm/Fantasy/Adventure

21:00Braveheart[SUB HD]
Account of the life of medieval Scottish hero William Wallace. After the slaughter of his father and brother, young Wallace is taken in by his uncle, who teaches him how to use not only his brawn but his brain - which he employs to great effect years later when he resolves to drive the English out of Scotland. Oscar-winning historical epic, directed by and starring Mel Gibson. With Patrick McGoohan, Sophie Marceau and Catherine McCormackFilm/General Movie/Drama

00:20Meet the Spartans[HD]
Premiere. A fearless king defends his country against an invading army, but finds himself inconveniently short of warriors. Comedy spoofing 300, starring Sean Maguire, Carmen Electra and Kevin SorboFilm/Comedy

02:00Room to Rent[SUB HD]
An aspiring writer decides to leave his native Egypt and head for the bright lights of London - but fame does not come easily, and he soon falls in with a bohemian crowd of ne'er-do-well artists and performers. Comedy drama, starring Juliette Lewis, Rupert Graves and Said TaghmaouiFilm/General Movie/Drama