Gemini 4.70 with a knife and adrenalin_bas Emu 2.2.1 As of 29.11.2010

Peace and mercy of God be upon you

Welcome Dear brothers amendment today in a very elegant and I hope that the speed
Gain satisfaction

Amendments made to the image

* Before anything was Hdv my father dreaded virus threatens clones
* Change the image off in HD
* Change the original knife pesky adrenalin_bas
* Reduce the transparency of the knife to reduce the values of Alpha from 80 to40
* Hdv all languages while retaining the English and the addition of Arabic and the possibility of
Download the French language from the server's
* Add a line of copies beautiful fonts and zooming
* Possibility of changing the display channels by pressing the button Ok andHelp
* The possibility of direct recording by pressing the button Help
* Merge latest file frequencies on 28/12/2010
* Merge file Sowickam to run the channels Biss Tv on Ndham Via 2.6
* Merge file Grap resolve discernible saccharin-shot of the browser
* Translation works automatically on channels Osn
* Merge Emu 2.2.1 was activated automatically after Hdv Common Interface
* Merge Blogin CCcam info to follow up the case of a server
* Merge Blogin Ecm Info to follow up the case of a server and Hops
* Merge Blogin Hack Key sats to download codes directly from the net
* Merge Blogin Nagrab to register from Dreambox to PC
* Merge Blogin Signal Quality to see the signal strength

All amendments to this topic was away from the area Var
Free Espace En Var 83%

[IMG]http://www12.*********/2010/11/29/10/326741582.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www12.*********/2010/11/29/10/803058647.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www12.*********/2010/11/29/10/771230809.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www12.*********/2010/11/29/10/723853061.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www12.*********/2010/11/29/10/169390653.jpg[/IMG]