Virgin Media adds Cinémoi, strikes deal with Persimmon
01 Dec 10 -

UK cable operator Virgin Media has added French cinema channel Cinémoi to its programming line-up.

The operator is offering the premium channel free of charge during December and January. The channel, produced for a UK audience by Mint Group, will then be available to customers who sign up before February 1 for £5.99 (€7.13) a month through 2011, or for £6.99 to customers who sign up afterwards. Films to be aired in December and January include Belleville Rendezvous, Arsène Lupin, Inside Ring and And God Created Woman.

Separately, Virgin Media has teamed up with house builder Persimmon to extend its fibre network to new homes. Persimmon designs and builds about 10,000 new homes across the UK each year. Customers moving to non-cabled areas will have the option of Virgin Media’s National service delivering up to 20Mbps broadband over telephone lines.

The operator is part-way through a network expansion programme that will bring its services to a further 500,000 households currently beyond the reach its fibre-optic network.

Earlier this year, Virgin Media also announced trials in Berkshire and Wales using telegraph poles to deliver 50Mbps broadband. The company has identified more than one million homes across parts of the UK that could potentially benefit from fibre-optic deployment over telegraph poles.