Brazilian Pay-TV records its highest growth rates in October

According to the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency, in October Pay-TV in such country added about 323 million new subscribers, a 3.56% more than the previous month. Such figure accounts for the greatest growth recorded in October as compared with the last five years. Therefore, Pay-TV reached 9,39 million households. In 2010, the sector recorded a 25.7% growth. As of 2009 closing, 18.24% had been recorded. DTH is still gaining market share and so far, has recorded a 50.88% growth.

DTH recorded a 6.5% increase in its subscriber base as compared to the previous month and reached a 44.6% market share. At present, satellite TV records 4,19 million subscribers. Cable services recorded a 1.5% growth in October, thus reaching 4,87 million clients and leading the market with a 51.9% market share. In 2010, cable services have accrued a 13.09% growth as compared with DTH's 50.88%. MMDS operators keep on falling and have lost about 1.4% of its clients.

In January 2010, DTH accounted for the 37.4% of the market and cable services recorded a 57.9% market share. Given the average of people per household (3,3 people) disclosed by the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute, about 31 million Brazilians are provided with Pay-TV services.