Bazuca extends its presence in Latin America

The Chilean OTT provider Bazuca is planning to extend its VOD service over other Latin American countries. In 2011, it will start with Argentina, where the company will launch its web site with local producers' proposals in addition to the habitual movie offer. Moreover, Bazuca will try to close new agreements with hybrid IP TV set manufacturers. Another goal to be fulfilled next year by the company is to launch in Chile Blu-ray player, jointly with LG and its own brand STB as part of its strategy to offer multiple platform content.

"Bazuca's offer will include Hollywood and Chilean movies, and now Argentine movies too", Rodrigo Terrazas, CEO of the company, explained to NexTV Latam. "We want to give it a Lain American touch, the idea is that all our contents, not only Chilean and Argentine but also other countries' we will add, can be seen in other places and encourage our movie industry", the executive added.

VOD content payment is made with credit card, but in the future other terms of payment will be added. In this sense, the company is planning to launch a "pre-paid card, to be bought in retail stores". After its launching in Argentina, the idea is to "head for the north are of Latin America, Spanish speaking countries, since in Brazil we have the language issue and we will leave it for the future", he pointed out.

According to Terrazas, Bazuca will offer its content in all platforms or connected devices. To such ends, they are already working to launch in Chile its own brand STB jointly with a technological partner whom the executive preferred not to disclose. The device would be offered at about USD 120 and would be sold as from 2011. Likewise, in such year, LG Electronics Blu-ray with Bazuca's offer will be launched. In Argentina, LG has recently launched its NetCast service, which offers OTT providers' content in IP hybrid TV sets and might enable Bazuca to be part of that platform in the future in Argentina as it already happens in Chile.