Nagra is planning to extend its presence over Latin America

In 2011, Nagra will launch hybrid IP STBs of at least 6 different manufacturers with PRM security system and OpenTV middleware, by means of which OTT providers' content will be received and will be fitted with PVR, among other functionalities. Thierry Martin, regional director for South America of the company, forecasted that by 2011 end, over two million devices will have been sold in South America. Therefore, the firm will try to additionally increase its presence in the region.

Unlike STBs that receive OTT directly from multiple providers, Nagra's PRM allows the Pay-TV operator to control and develop its own OTT. Moreover, the security system is also integrated in tablets, PCs and laptops. The aforementioned enables the operator to provide several devices with OTT content. Martin pointed out that STBs with these functionalities have already been purchased by several South American operators and are being integrated to be delivered between 2010 end and 1Q2011, depending on the model and the manufacturer. "We are growing with our big clients, who need new technologies", he stated.

At present, there are 9 operating STBs with Nagra's system in South America. Likewise, there are more than 6 million devices with OpenTV Middleware. Martin attended the 3rd edition of NexTV Latin America Summit 2010, in Argentina. The executive believes that next year the company will close an agreement with some operator of the market, because it has not installed any of its systems in the country.

Additionally, he pointed out that in the whole South America there "is a big commercial team". "We are positive that in a few months we will close new agreements with operators" of the whole region," he added. Martin commented that Ecuador and Bolivia are markets "with great movement". "What might happen in Chile is also interesting, since it is at a saturation moment and looking for new solutions". In that country, "growth or the fight for the subscriber is given in the technological arena and in this sense we see that we have no competitors", therefore, "we have lots of possibilities". Finally, he commented that in Brazil, 13 new STB models are being integrated for several operators who will have access to different providers.