Com Hem to introduce CI Plus
By Julian Clover
Published: December 1, 2010 16.55 Europe/London

Com Hem is to launch a CI Plus-based service in a bid to drive uptake of high definition services. The Swedish operator has picked Kudelski’s SmarDTV product that will run with the cableco’s existing Conax conditional access.

“We are excited to soon be able to deliver the CI Plus module to our customers,” says Christofer Peilitz, product manager, broadcast TV at Com Hem. “High definition television means a higher quality television experience. However, up until now, it has also meant another box and set of equipment on your TV bench. With the CI Plus module, we will be able to deliver a higher quality, energy-efficient viewing experience, without the hassle of more cables and boxes.”

High definition is already gaining traction within the Swedish market, following the launch of a second HD channel by public broadcaster SVT. Terrestrial platform Boxer offers six HD channels including the two free-to-air SVT channels.

SmarDTV plans to update its Interoperability Partner Program (IPP) kit to allow CI Plus host vendors (iDTV & STB) to validate the compatibility and interoperability of their products with the SmarCAM-3 Com Hem.