Com Hem launches CI Plus with Conax SmarDTV CAMs
02 Dec 10 -

Swedish cable operator Com Hem has chosen Kudelski-owned SmarDTV to provide CI Plus modules with Conax conditional access to provide its services to CI Plus-enabled digital TVs.

Com Hem is he first operator to deploy CI Plus modules based on Conax CA in Sweden. The operator will use SmarDTV’s SmarCAM-3 modules to support the delivery of HD services to subscribers with integrated digital TVs.

“We are excited to soon be able to deliver the CI Plus module to our customers,” says Christofer Peilitz, product manager, broadcast TV at Com Hem. “High-definition television means a higher quality television experience. However, up until now, it has also meant another box and set of equipment on your TV bench. With the CI Plus module, we will be able to deliver a higher quality, energy-efficient viewing experience, without the hassle of more cables and boxes.”