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    Adult education

    Adult education

    Just how has the UK terrestrial platform ended up with more than a dozen adult channels? .

    Like them or loath them, adult channels have a place in the pay-TV market, and very often in the regulatorís office too. Last week Ofcom revoked licences held by Bang Channels, which ran Tease Me TV, and called the remaining adult licensees into the headmasterís study. Tease Me had shown free-to-air promotions during the day and after dark had broadcast material likely to make the censor blush.

    Tease Me and channels like it first appeared a few years ago and use provocatively dressed women to encourage viewers to dial premium rate phone numbers. One of the Tease Me channels appeared on the DTT platform, commonly known as Freeview, though it will be of little surprise that there was no contribution to the Freeview marketing budget here!

    Using the DMOL multiplex allocations website as my guide I counted 13 services listed as ĎAdultí on the UK terrestrial system, thatís nine more Adult services than are found under News, ten more than in Children, and possibly more channels than can be found on some DTT platforms in their entirety.

    Some of the channels take up capacity in ITVís SDN Multiplex, others in multiplexes, managed by Arqiva, but what are they doing taking up valuable spectrum in the first place? One advantage is that given most broadcast for limited hours after dark, adult channels can take up spectrum that might otherwise go to waste.

    It should be noted that there is at least a warning screen, a placeholder channel, so that Granny doesnít accidentally stumble upon something she shouldnít.

    Once the UK completes its protracted digital switchover process in 2012, it looks as if we will increasingly be left with the PSB channels and their digital offspring. Notable exceptions would include Sky News and QVC, though even Dave and Yesterday are part owned by BBC Worldwide, and draw on content from the BBC library.

    Unlike other countries that conduct a beauty contest for who should take up DTT capacity, Britain allows commercial providers to buy and sell capacity, so once the public service broadcasters have their allocation we are left with a free-for-all. So the market decides that there is no room for a channel as worthy as CNN, while the Babestation still gets its own berth.

    December 2, 2010

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    Re: Adult education

    as u have to pay for these channels, why i dont know, would anyone b so desperate as to want to,?

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    Re: Adult education

    These Channels are nothing to get worked up about, it's nothing that can't be found on other Satellite Networks.
    Basically like sofien72tu these are titillating (yeah cheap pun SUE ME), you into calling a Premium Rate Telephone Number to have a nice chat with someone.
    Apparently, it would seem that these Girls had showed more bits then they should have, after all this is all FTA.
    So although these Ladies might be ~scantly clad~ their "Strategic Bits" are almost always coverd, and makes this kind of Program rather boring.
    Then something like this happens and it's all like WTF MAN?

    I'd suspect you'd have seen more in some of these Red Banner Papers, then you'd have seen there.
    But, the bigger question is WTF is this crap doin' on DVB-T (i.e. DTT)??

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