Swiss cable ops close Diva VOD deals
By Robert Briel
Published: December 3, 2010 14.03 Europe/London

Three Swiss cable operator, GGA Maur, MyGate AG and Stafag, have signed an agreement with Diva, the distributor of cross-platform VoD hit movies and TV series.

The deals will result in Diva managing video on demand services remotely for all three operators. Diva will encode its content, deliver it to each operator and manage metadata, pricing and promotions remotely. The operators will host, encrypt, deliver and bill the content to their customers.

Nelly Kaufmann, Diva’s Head of Channels, said in a statement, “We are delighted to have formalised these three new deals relatively close to home. Our outstanding system for managing assets means we can deliver VoD products on any platform with equal proficiency, as well as run the promotions and refresh the content centrally.”

Diva will provide each of the cable operators with its extensive catalogue of hit movies, TV series and children’s TV series. Major Hollywood blockbusters will be added to the offer in 2011. “Each deal of this kind generates thousands of incremental subscribers for Diva, “ Ms Kaufmann explained. “We are very keen to work with companies such as these to increase Diva’s access to the valuable ‘closed user group’ audience.”

The agreements with the Swiss cable operators signal a new area of business for Diva, as until now the company has mainly be providing VOD services for streaming video web portals and Over-the-top services.