Ginx TV readies for UK launch
By Robert Briel
Published: December 3, 2010 13.41 Europe/London

Ginx TV has appointed William McGillivray as its channel manager to help spearhead the channel in the UK as well as further international launches. Ginx’s programming is based on the world of video gaming and video gaming culture.

Ginx TV is a global operator of video gaming channels and producer of gaming television shows. Launched in 2007, Ginx TV is the only international, multi-language TV channel exclusively dedicated to video gaming. Ginx offers fully localised channels, targeted at 18-35 year old casual gamers across the globe.

Ginx has already launched 24/7 channels in Indonesia and Turkey as well as producing shows for third party broadcasters, including GameFace for Bravo in the UK and Ginx Files for international territories.

McGillivray will join the team at the beginning of January after nearly ten years at MTV networks and brings with him a wealth of experience in thematic channel management. The announcement was made by Ginx TV CEO Michiel Bakker, who was one of the original founders of MTV Networks in Europe in 1987 and was also Chairman of Nickelodeon and Paramount Networks.

Commented Michiel Bakker: “I am very excited Will has agreed to join Ginx as channel manager. Will is a gamer at heart and he knows our target demo like the back of his hand. His scheduling prowess and his unparalleled knowledge of thematic TV will be invaluable for the continued development of Ginx’s video gaming TV proposition. With gaming now resolutely broken through to the mainstream, witness the mega launches of major game titles this season, there is increasing momentum behind Ginx’s rapid growth. Will’s supervision of all things creative will allow Ginx to level-up even more. I am delighted to have him on board”.

McGillivray added: “I’m thrilled to be joining the Ginx team and it feels great to be in at the early stage of something so fresh and exciting, particularly at such a breakthrough time for gaming culture. I’m very much looking forward to bringing my experience to a channel which offers so much opportunity for creativity and growth.”