Current UR image for TM800HD

Fixed in 30/11/10 software:
1. No more freezing on HD channels
2. Signal and signal lock have been fixed and also sensitivity has increased
3. OSD speed has been improved
4. Card reader OK
5. Performance improved
6. USB mount fixed
7. Default channel list supported
8. PVR Record & Play fixed (except trick play)

In early November UR released the code for TM800HD to developers and testers. Since then they have made steady progress in fixing a number of minor issues, but have not compiled and released a public image. Currently they are working on resulting all outstanding issues. As the current code has moved on to include CCcam 2.2.0 we think it is worth installing the latest image as compiled by ourselves. Here it is, up to revision 173.

Gracias a jimux


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