TVE Internacional widens scope and quality
December 4th, 2010 - 13:50 UTC
by Andy Sennitt.

Spanish public broadcaster TVE´s international channel has implemented major changes in the last few months resulting in increased coverage and enhanced quality. The main new features include the introduction of specific production for its channel, an update in the programming grid to make it more similar to that of RTVE, the launch of a signal in Asia and Australia , in addition to the three existing signals (Europe/Africa; America I and America II), and the launch of a new webpage.

In the past few months, the international channel has experienced significant content renewal and improvement. More specifically, the programming grid has been renewed, with a wider offer of new programmes and the elimination of archives and older programming.

TVE Internacional started testing in central-eastern Asia and Australia in June 2010 and has been regularly broadcasting since September. From now on, viewers in that region will be able to watch TVE´s programming adapted to their time schedule, having the chance to follow their favourite TV shows, programmes and news programmes in a more appropriate way.

On the occasion of its TV signal launch to Asia, TVE Internacional has unveiled a new webpage with a renovated image, updated information on the various programmes and TV shows that can be watched on TVE Internacional and with its programming grid adapted to the time schedule of each country in the world receiving the TVE signal.