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Thread: Image Evolution2.5-_-Emo CCcam2.2.1 and Mgcamd1.35a-_-Mdmugen

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    Image Evolution2.5-_-Emo CCcam2.2.1 and Mgcamd1.35a-_-Mdmugen

    Image Evolution2.5-_-Emo CCcam2.2.1 and Mgcamd1.35a-_-Mdmugen

    Image Evolution 2.5 and Amendments by

    Of amendments that I have made the following
    * change the original knife knife Black Matrix converter from Enigma2 to Enigma1 where you convert it to this picture and the amendment at large of the fonts to the windows.
    * HD image of a beautiful start with the possibility of change with ease.
    * Arabization of Hisham's line with the possibility of changing the font and Kmalk the possibility of deleting the Arabic language from the deletion.
    * amendment to the button Help to change the menus and direct recording.
    * amendment to the selection of Arabic channels of movies directly to supporting the Arabic translation, such as TH .
    * As you prepare a list of the settings in the Settings Monte only need to put Ebi computer and file name Elsher working sword and then mount and begins the registry directly.
    * change the path of pictures ( startup , radio , search , and the MP3 ) and File Kmalk local time and one satellite and knowledge of Arabic and a fixed channel so that you can change them simply and easily.
    * change file Head.ko to become the image with Megaupload faster than normal .... I'll leave the answer for you after the experiment.
    * the work of two, one with the emo CCcam 2.2.1 and the other by Aimoin together Naskmad Spcs 2.5.2 and MgCamd 1.34a .
    * Merge Pelagian CCcaminfo 1.1 and Pelagian Ngrab and Kmalk Pelagian Teletext 1.114 works great all the additions in the heart of the image with the possibility if you want to delete them.

    Is without exaggeration a very, very excellent and now I do I always use the power of persistence and dispense with all other images and including Albni ... Kmalk and I'm on the assistance of the owner of the image and is jasko support this picture convert Alskinat beautiful even working on this picture and the server is always updated and its new Valservr .. works great and is always updated and you will find the new binary by Alskinat .. Also, this picture has more features that he wants the viewer of these choices and additional channels, for example, to stop this and access to these additional choices like this:
    Click on the blue button and then Setting and then, as in the following forms

    All changes have been away from the area of var to maintain the area significantly and images show the following piece



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