Kuwaiti TV boss back in the headlines
by Chris Newbould on Dec 5, 2010

Mohammed Al-Juwaihal, the owner of Kuwait’s Soor TV channel and a former National Assembly election candidate has been severely beaten and admitted to the intensive care unit of a local hospital late Saturday evening.

Uncomfirmed reports claim the attack took place after Al_Juwaihal spat at the screen at a seminar as MP Mussalam Al-Barrack addressed the gathering. Tensions at the event were already high as a number of delegates had objected to Al-Juwaihal’s presence, while the seminar itself, which was aimed to put pressure on the government over the lifting of MP Faisal Al- Muslim’s immunity and heaped criticism on both the government and Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Nasser Mohammed Al-Sabah, always had the potential to be a flash point.

Al-Juwaihal is no stranger to controversy. He was accused earlier this year of stirring sectarian tensions after saying that a number of tribal MPs had dual nationalities and suggested that they were not Kuwaitis. The Soor TV station was later also attacked when Al-Juwaihal verbally attacked a member of the royal family.

Eye witnesses say the attack was led by an MP and his supporters, and that the attackers continued punching and kicking Al-Jawaihal even after someone shouted that he was dead.

It’s not been the best couple of month’s for TV stations in the GCC state. In October an armed mob tore the offices of SCOPE TV apart after the writer of a comedy show was accused of trying to overthrow the government through her show.