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Thread: DM 800 HD as a media player

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    DM 800 HD as a media player

    So last night i figured out i wanted to make my dm 800 hd be a media player on my tv, and get movies from my mac ( which i am downloading the movies ). So i did set up a NFS share, and i can successfully access my movies from my pc, but i am having problem either playing the movies properly, and most of them dont have sound.

    Is there an alternative to images' Media Player ? So that it will support more codecs and stuff ?

    PS : Movies i download are mostly MKV, and all in HD.
    PS2 : I am using newnigma 3.1.1.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: DM 800 HD as a media player

    VLC which is free can play these I believe (just search for MKV on VLC) and the you can tream it to your DM800, with the VLC client plug-in on this also. May take a bit of trial and error but the technique works for other formats and playing DVD's directly on you DB.


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