Thematic DTT channels on the rise in Spain

Iñaki Ferreras | 06-12-2010

Spain's thematic DTT channels are gaining more and more ground according to consult Barlovento's latest report on television audiences based on Kantar Media's data.

The survey shows that public broadcaster Televisión Española (TVE)'s children's channel Clan TVE captured a 3.1% share in November 2010, a 0.4% increase. Antena 3's Neox fell 0.1% in November 2010 and Telecinco's Tacforía de Ficción got 2.1%, an increase of 0.2%. Even though Disney Channel claimed 1.9%, down 0.2%, it remains as the second most watched channel by children between 4 and 12 years of age with a share of 13. 6%. Telecinco's children's channel Boing went down 0.1% staying at 0.6% of the market overall.

For women’s channels, Antena 3's Nova registered 1.7%, the same result as November 2010. Another Telecinco channel La Siete upped its share by 0.1% in a month, reaching 1.7% in total.

TVE's sports channel TeleDeporte increased its share by 0.6% in all times and another sports channel, Unidad Editorial's Marca TV went up 0.1% reaching 0.5% of share in its third month of live.

As for the pay thematic TV channels ,the 80 channels grabbed a 6.9% share in November 2010, meaning a 0.1% increase compared with the previous month. In this category, the most successful channels were Sony's AXN. Fox, Mediapro's Gol TV, Sogcable's Canal+, Universal's Paramount Comedy.