Foreign series most watched content on Spanish Internet TV

Iñaki Ferreras | 06-12-2010

Online TV is currently the fastest growing TV platform in Spain, eating into traditional terrestrial TV and pay-TV services, with foreign series the most popular content, according to the latest investigation by the Investigation Association of Media (AIMC).

In the study, AIMC calculates that foreign content is taken up by just over half (53.2%) of viewers ahead of domestic series (46.9%) and films (39.4%).

The growing importance of online TV is highlighted by the fact that 53.6% of the sample said that they had watched TV on the Web during the last month. Most of this number used a laptop computer to do so.

As for the advantages the users see in these services, the most important, indicated by 83.5%, is the possibility of watching the programmes not available on traditional TV. Nearly 40% of people said that it was "decisive" to be able to watch their favourite programmes.